Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today I spent some good quality time in our TOMATO HOUSE. We have created a lovely home for our heirloom tomatoes. We started with a large hoop house...covered it with a double layer of plastic sheeting and then attached a little hut at one end with a wood burning stove. VOILA a warm and cozy nursery for our young tomatoes.
Many thanks to our interns for stoking that wood stove at 2am!!

I tried to capture the sequence of their growth pattern... there is the leaf and stalk stage...then the little flowers bloom out the flower fades it gives way to the small green tomato toddler stage. (This is where we are now in the Foxhollow T House)

Next step...more swelling, growing greener and greener until finally that yummy tomato red starts to appear. We will let you know as soon as Tomato Harvest Days begin. Until then, I will cherish tip toeing into the T House...listening to the classical music playing on the radio chosen especially for the sake of the young ones...and drinking in the beauty and soul warmth of
new growth in the Spring.

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