Monday, April 11, 2011

This weekend I tromped over to our latest creation in education garden for children. Two years ago we started raising the funds to support a garden and nature based education program for children. With the help of a huge yard sale and half of the proceeds from last year's annual Fall festival (the other half goes to Maryhurst) , we are ready to begin!

The garden will have lots of examples of gardening styles from raised beds pictured in this photo on your left to an earth spiral (pictured above). The earth spiral will continue to spiral up to the top and will be filled with herbs. Jamie and Dylan have been working throughout the winter designing the garden and the curriculum for this exciting program. There will be a small pond in the center of the garden and tons of vegetables, herbs, and flowers for visitors to smell, touch, and taste!

School groups, family groups, any groups of young folks are invited to sign up for a hands on gardening session by emailing

OK Tromp to visit the chickens!

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  1. Jamie taught me how to plant strawberries last week...she is an excellent teacher. I can't wait to see the Education Garden throughout the season. It is such a beauty!