Saturday, January 29, 2011

 Cayenne pepper string hanging in the Farm Store. Jamie and Dylan made these!

 A jar a dilly beans with a Cayenne decorating the rim

 Dressed up rice with a dried Cayenne pepper

 Cayenne peppers for sale at the Farm Store. Dresses up the winter produce table.

 That is one HOT pepper!

 More bedazzled canned goodies.

Remember where they once were...Jalapeno pepper's growing in Foxhollow Farm Center's Market Garden in August 2010.

After a little winter get away to Mexico I came back with a new found love for peppers. In  In the middle of January, there is nothing more beautiful than a bright red hanging strand of dried Cayenne peppers. When winter is gray and dark, a pop of color can brighten up the gloomiest of days. No longer can I step out my backdoor (usually minutes before supper) and pick a bunch of bright pink peonies to add beauty to my table setting. There are no more tangy orange Nasturtiums waiting for me in a pot on my back stoop begging to dress up a salad. The ability to snip a few squash blossom, gently stuff them with chives and fresh goats cheese, and add atop an already fancy grass fed beef steak is out of the question these days. Fortunately, we do have red hot cayenne peppers. One tiny (and hot, very hot) cayenne pepper can dress up a whole room, a bowl of plain rice, a jar of canned beans, a winter table setting, and even a kitchen sink... (well kind of). Here at Foxhollow Farm we are lucky to have pepper enthusiasts, Jamie and Dylan. Jamie and Dylan smoke, dry, can, roast, and grow all sorts of pepper in the summer. Thanks Jamie and Dylan for adding a little spice to our winter life!

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