Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcome To "The New" Foxhollow Farm Store

Welcome to the Foxhollow Farm Blog!  Our community here at Foxhollow wants to stay connected to everyone year round, through rain, snow, or shine!  We want to tell you all about our happening's here, what activities we are having, when you can come out and hang with us, what we are researching and discovering, and most of all we always want you to join into conversation about it too!  Questions, feedback, random thoughts are all welcome!

One of the most recent happenings here is the Foxhollow Farm Store Renovation Project!!  In the effort to bring a warm & comforting, fun, inviting place for anyone and everyone to hang out at, we decided it was time to give our store a makeover (see pictures below).  I am loving all of the extra seating that provides a space for people to come hang out for a few hours to read, knit, chat, and meet the Foxhollow Farm Community to learn about who we are and why we are so passionate about the local and slow food movement!  Believe me, we would talk about it for hours if you gave us the opportunity!  Now every Saturday from 10am to 5pm (the store's new winter hours) we have live music, cooking demos, delicious soup, coffee, and tea!  It is so much fun and is now a great community gathering place!  I hope everyone comes and checks it out soon!

Farm Store before renovation, the day we packed everything up.
View from the front door

Everything is almost packed up.  View from back.  

The renovation has started!
View from front door

A big thank you Rusty & his crew for working so hard!

Farm Store Renovation is Finished!  
View from checkout counter.

Another sitting area!  
View from above picture (front door is to the right)

Final Product = Warm, fun place to hang out! 
View from Front Door

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