Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The first hints of spring are coming with the warm weather, the songs of the birds beckoning the emergence of the spring flora and fauna.

The buds are swelling as the sap slowly rising from the heat of the sun. The warmth penetrating the earth, gently waking up the spring, springing forth new live.

We are hurriedly preparing the earth for the new arrivals. Twenty-one new beds have been prepared, composted and planted with spinach, and snow peas. Our greenhouse is full to the brim with our garden starts. The tomatoes, nasturtiums, and basil are almost ready to plant in our high tunnel, where they will settle into their fruit. The new greenhouse is under construction, and almost complete.

Spring brings the anxious excitement and expectation of new life. Inspiration from new emergences and creative forces arising from within the earth and ourselves give us new momentum to carry out our winter’s dreams.

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